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Svitol Mp Lubricant 500Ml (SVI7615)

Svitol Mp Lubricant 500Ml (SVI7615)

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PENETRATES AND LOOSENS - Screws, nuts and bolts are often difficult to reach and they are usually rusty and very hard to unscrew because you havenÕt touched them for years. To make the operation easy, simply spray Svitol and let it work to loosen for a few minutes.
POLISHES - Svitol will polish most metals and chrome surfaces back to their original shine. Svitol Lubricant removes stains from chrome and makes it shine. Simply spray Svitol and polish the chrome with a soft, clean cloth. For polishing chrome parts of seats and stools, furniture handles and knobs, decorations and appliances, Svitol is always handy!
LUBRICATES TOOLS - Corrosive elements, dust and moisture are constantly at work on the tools you use everyday and the ones you use less frequently. Svitol helps you protect from dust, rust, moisture and corrosion tools of all types.
ELMINATES SQUEEKING - Use Svitol to provide a frictionless layer between surfaces. Surfaces rubbing together over time will promote annoying squeeks and creaks. A quick spray of Svitol will stop this.
REMOVES MOISTURE - The properties of Svitol repel water. Any tools or equipment that are submitted to damp conditions will corrode without removing unwanted moisture. Svitol will also protect into the future.

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