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Auto Choice 12pc Cable Stand PM-XH-T14 (PM-XH-T14)

Auto Choice 12pc Cable Stand PM-XH-T14 (PM-XH-T14)

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The Auto Choice 12pc Cable Stand is a must have for any automotive business. Featuring 12 individual roles of cable to cover a wide range of automotive uses. Packed in a display box ideal for putting beside your till. The box contains the following cables:
0.93mm Copper Cable (Red) 32ft
0.93mm Copper Cable (Black) 32ft
1.62mm Copper Cable (Red) 20ft
1.62mm Copper Cable (Black) 20ft
2.65mm Copper Cable (Red) 16ft
2.65mm Copper Cable (Black) 16ft
3.29mm Copper Cable (Red) 14ft
3.29mm Copper Cable (Black) 14ft
Speaker wire 24ft
0.93mm Twin Red/Black 15ft
1.62mm Twin Red/Black 15ft
2.65mm Twin Red/Black 15ft

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