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Tetrosyl ATS017 Trade Spray Silver Wheels 500ml (ATS017)

Tetrosyl ATS017 Trade Spray Silver Wheels 500ml (ATS017)

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Tetrosyl ATS017 Trade Spray Silver Wheels 500ml
Tetrosyl professional trade sprays are top quality, high performance aerosols for automotive topcoat refinishing. Tetrosyl's acrylic plus formula, along with the adjustable spray nozzle provides a 'spray gun' finish straight from an aerosol. Specially formulated for fast drying with a high quality finish.
Directions For Use
Shake can thoroughly before use and between applications.
Hold can 20 - 25cm from prepared surface and apply 2 - 3 light coats
Allow 3 - 5 minutes flash off between coats
Dries in 10 minutes dependent upon film build
After use invert can and spray out to clear head. If spray head becomes blocked, remove and clean with cellulose thinners. Obstructions may be cleared with a pin. When replacing the spray head, point away from face, in case the valve is activated.
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Weight: 0.5000Kg

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